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Transforming Energy Consumption,Together

The O2 Project is a story about all of us who love the Earth.

We are confident that we can counter climate change and create a sustainable future. Our approach involves encouraging energy conservation through blockchain technology and digital innovation, prompting all of us to adopt sustainable practices. This was how the O2 Project started. This journey is just the beginning. We plan to build an energy-saving platform using blockchain technology, encourage savings behavior by providing rewards to users. Our goal is to make eco-friendly behavior a part of everyday life through such a reward system.

The O2 Project aims to assist these efforts by providing direct rewards for energy conservation. These tokens record energy-saving actions, provide rewards to users, and simultaneously support all of our efforts towards a better future. Also, we are committed to continuous development and innovation. Our next steps are to launch the website and start the pre-sale of tokens. This website will be a platform for users to learn about the O2 Project, participate in token purchases, and use the app once it is launched.

The O2 Project is not just a company. We are a community of Earth-loving people, our collective effort to create a sustainable future, and the technology that supports that effort. We believe that together, it is possible. Please join us on this journey to create a sustainable future.

This Is How We Started


We founded​ our Company

Robo Asset Grid


We developed


Digital Smart Meter


We are launching

S2E(Save to Earn)



We are launching

Energy Marketplace

(CER & P2P)

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Tree Planting

The O2 Project strives to make a global difference through eco-friendly activities that play a major role in protecting the Earth and promoting eco-friendly lifestyles, such as planting trees. Our goal is to protect the environment by planting trees that play a significant role in reducing CO2 emissions and increasing oxygen.

Numerous tree-planting projects are underway worldwide, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions in a reliable and credible manner. As of 2022, through large-scale projects like the Trillion Tree Campaign, billions of trees have already been planted. Moreover, these projects provide various benefits, one of which is the restoration of forests that play an important role in agriculture, biodiversity conservation, soil improvement, and water resource management.

The O2 Project actively participates in these global tree-planting movements, and our participation significantly contributes to enhancing the health of the Earth and mitigating climate change, one tree at a time. We firmly believe that all of us should plant trees for a sustainable future. In doing so, we play an important role in reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the health of the Earth by contributing to tree planting globally.

Ocean Cleanups

The O2 Project actively participates in environmental protection projects such as forest, beach, and river cleanups. Improper waste disposal accounts for 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, not only posing a threat to local environments and human health, but also contributing to global pollution.

Plastic waste poses the greatest threat because plastic degradation is impossible or at least challenging. Cleanup operations are an effective way for us to reduce pollution and conserve natural resources.

In addition, the O2 Project is striving to protect marine biodiversity through a method called marine carbon sequestration. The ocean is the world's largest carbon sink, absorbing a third of human-made CO2 emissions, which is 20 times more than the combined amount absorbed by trees and soil. Unfortunately, the large amount of CO2 the ocean absorbs today affects their chemical properties, leading to further acidification, threatening millions of marine species.

Marine carbon sequestration methods that distribute CO2 more evenly through direct injection or fertilization protect the biodiversity of the ocean. Through these efforts, the O2 Project plays a critical role for a sustainable future.

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